Allie Nwosu


I am a Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy, and my hope is to create a safe and collaborative atmosphere for change, and to foster diversity and inclusion in my work with clients. My aim is to have a positive impact, specifically on the African American community, and all communities. I want to decrease the stigma of mental health and create a safe space for people of color to utilize mental health services.

I believe creating a foundation of trust, validating one’s experiences and showing them empathy is an important part of my work with individuals, families and couples.

I also believe we have the power to give meaning to our experiences. To story and live our life in a way that is authentic to who we are. The way we narrate our lived experiences give them meaning and emotion. The way society views an individual may not be true to who they are. I help individuals narrate and story their life in a way that is authentic and whole to them. I help clients shed limiting beliefs and identify their truth.

Issues I work with: communication, anxiety, depression, low self-worth, life transitions, substance abuse, parent -teen relationships, affair healing, couples wanting a deeper connection, difficulties with trust and connection, individuals dealing with the impact of oppression. Clients I work with: couples, teens, adults individuals, families

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