Ann Iñiguez, MA, MBA, CCHP

Resident in Counseling 


Are you a plus sized woman and feel like the number on the scales holds you back from living your best life? Perhaps you are in a toxic relationship but feel you don’t deserve better, or your confidence is impacted by your size, and you find yourself missing out on opportunities such as social events or work opportunities. In today’s world of photoshopped media and filters, sometimes it is challenging to love ourselves exactly as we are.

Ann Iñiguez specializes in empowering plus-sized women to build their self-confidence and see their own worth at any size. She utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches, including person-centered counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT “tapping”). Partnering with Ann will help you reprogram your limiting beliefs and help you set healthy boundaries in your personal and professional relationships.

In addition to specializing in helping women find their curvy confidence, Ann has extensive experience in corrections, treatment of substance use disorders, self-esteem issues, and anger management and has worked at residential treatment centers and regional jails, as well as in a private practice setting.

Ann completed her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Wake Forest University and is a Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional. You will find her approach to be genuine, empathetic, and caring and will conquer your limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Ann has presented at multiple conferences and held workshops for women and is looking forward to working with you as well.

Women’s Issues
Forensic population